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How did you become an illustrator?

I have been sketching and drawing all my life so there has never really been any question about what I wanted to do with my life. While studying 3D animation I also discovered how much fun it was to work with images in Photoshop and a suddenly it was like a new world opened itself up for me. After showing my images online on various art-communities I was contacted by an american agency and from there on it has just kind of grown on its own.

What is this technique - Digital Mixed Media?
It is a digital mixture of my paintings, drawings, 3D-models, photographs and the program Photoshop.

I find it so very exciting, interesting and giving to use the old traditional art techniques combined with the new and digital ones of 3D-modeling and Photoshop and to see what it all can become together. Over the years I was almost never completely happy with the results of my paintings but with this technique I finally have found what I was looking for.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I get inspired very easily. It can be different kind of weathers, settings or lights. The smell of rain, music and life's daily mystery.

Which illustrators has inspired you while growing up?
Jan Lööf, Sven Nordqvist, Hans Arnold, Dave Mckean, Mike Mignola and many many more.

What is the best/worst part of being an illustrator?
The best part is to be able to use my creativity and imagination in my work and that is a privilege that I try to remember daily. The worst part is that it is sometimes a bit lonely and that it can be hard not knowing when your next paycheck is coming in.

Do you have a website?
Yes my website is http://www.alexanderjansson.com/

Do you accept commissioned illustration work?
For commissioned illustration proposals please contact me at [email protected]
US residents please contact my US Agent at http://www.shannonassociates.com/

Where are you located, can we visit your studio?
My studio is located in my home in Gothenburg, Sweden and at this time I'm not accepting general visitors. However if you live locally and would like to pick up your order yourself that can be arranged.

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